Australia Vs Pakistan to set up U19 World Cup final with India

U19 World Cup

U19 World Cup Australia have crushed Pakistan by one wicket to set the 2024 U19 World Cup last against India on February 11.

Australia Vs Pakistan U19 world Cup

As Pakistan fought back on the backs of Ali Raza Bowling and Arafat Minhas, an intriguing chase developed. However, Australia prevailed over Pakistan by the tiniest of margins, and on February 11, it will play India in the final.

An interesting pursue unfurled as Pakistan organized a rebound drove by Ali Raza and Arafat Minhas. Notwithstanding, Australia barely beat Pakistan.

In the second semi-last against Pakistan

In the second semi-last against Pakistan, Australia, following India’s model, likewise selected to pursue. Hugh Weibgen’s choice got support from his bowlers.

Against Australia’s new-ball bowlers in the first over, Shahzaib Khan and Shamyl Hussain made a steady start. The primary change bowler, Tom Straker, finished this association. Shamyl Hussain 917) endeavored to pull the bowler however was trapped in the 10th over. In the extremely next finished, Callum Vidler guaranteed the significant wicket of Shahzaib Khan (4) U19 World Cup.

The southpaw, who had been the main run-scorer for Pakistan in the U19 World Cup, attempted to penetrate Vidler previous point, however his shot was caught by Hugh Weibgen U19 World Cup.

Pakistan confronted more difficulties in the second Powerplay. Straker got his second wicket in the fifteenth over, and Raf MacMillan before long contributed by excusing Ahmad Hassan leg previously U19 World Cup.

Azan Awais and Haroon Arshad endeavored to move energy with a fifth-wicket organization, however when Mahli Beardman, getting back in the game, excused the last option with a wonderful conveyance, Australia recaptured control U19 World Cup.

Awais (52) and Arafat Minhas (52)

Awais (52) and Arafat Minhas (52) had the option to stand their ground over the course of the following couple of overs, and liberated their arms to pick the scoring rate. 50 runs came in the overs 31-40.

It was Straker who struck for Australia once more, breaking the critical association after he got Awais (52) to scratch one behind. Pakistan were out for 179 when Minhas was bowled after scoring a fifty of his own, and they were staring down the barrel. Straker finished with 6/24 after cleaning up the tail.

Harry Dixon and Sam Konstas added to Australia’s consistent beginning in quest for 180. The pair added 33 runs during the principal Powerplay. By and by, Ali Raza struck back for Pakistan toward the start of the second Powerplay. He figured out how to make one nip back in, sending Konstas’ off-stump cartwheeling.

Presently, Pakistan had a fortunate turn of events in the fourteenth over when Hugh Weibgen hit a full throw from Naveed Khan straight under the control of Haroon Arshad at cover. In the 16th over, Harjas Singh was run out due to a miscommunication, and in the next over, Ryan Hicks took advantage of a delivery from Ubaid Shah. Wickets continued to fall.

Dixon and Ollie Peake then, at that point, combined efforts to remake the Australian innings. Their consistent advancement was set apart by sure strokeplay, and soon Australia’s pursuit was in the groove again.

Dixon arrived at his 50 years in the 24th over

Dixon arrived at his 50 years in the 24th over. Notwithstanding, similarly as the game appeared to be turning in support of Australia, Arafat Minhas bowled Harry Dixon (50) with a wonderful conveyance. The left-arm spinner bowled with control, causing Australia’s requesting that rate rise.

The appearance of Tom Campbell worked with a left-right batting blend. Campbell and Peake based on the past association, carrying Australia nearer to their objective.

Pakistan required a unique work to get once more into the game, and Minhas gave precisely that. He bowled Campbell for 25 in the 39th over. Then, at that point, Raza eliminated Oliver Peake for 49, leaving the game equally ready.\

Raza’s twofold wicket last over brought Pakistan inside one wicket of an appearance in the last. Be that as it may, MacMillan (19*) stayed formed and directed Australia through in the last finished.

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