Hockey5s World Cup: Pakistan thump Australia to stay in hunt for Challenger Trophy

Hockey5s World Cup
Hockey5s World Cup
Hockey5s World Cup

“Hockey5s World Cup: Pakistan thump Australia with impressive performance to stay in the hunt for Challenger Trophy.”

“Hockey5s World Cup: Pakistan thump Australia with impressive performance to stay in the hunt for Challenger Trophy.”

“Hockey5s World Cup: Pakistan thump Australia with impressive performance to stay in the hunt for Challenger Trophy.”

Pakistan remained in the chase after the Challenger Prize, where they will confront Switzerland or New Zealand, in the Hockey5s World Cup in Muscat, Oman, on Tuesday.

Skipper Rana Waheed Ashraf scored five objectives as Pakistan crushed Australia 11-3 in the ninth twelfth spot match.

Pak will confront Switzerland or New Zealand in the ninth tenth spot match tomorrow, with the champ stowing the Challenger Prize.

Pakistan’s hockey team were taken out of the race for the quarter-finals of the Hockey5s World Cup on Monday in the wake of losing 8-7 to Poland.

Pakistans simply required a draw against Poland in Pool A to endure to the quarter-finals yet the Green Shirts neglected to get the open door.

Pakistan were 3-0 down at one phase yet got back in the saddle to even out procedures at 6-6. Pakistan will qualify. Poland struck late to remove the match from Pakistan. Commander Rana Waheed Ashraf scored five objectives for the terrible side.

Pakistan played two matches on Sunday, losing one and winning the other. Nigeria will qualify for hockey world cup.

Hockey5s World Cup: Draw against Poland in Pool A

The Netherlands will confront Oman, in the mean time Malaysia will clash with Poland. In the semi-finals sometime in the afternoon.

As per the authority FIH site, as its name proposes, Hockey5s is played with 5 competitors for each group. Pakistan is especially known for its relentless start to finish activity. Since ball is play for around 90% of match. Because of bounce back sheets set against the beyond the side-lines and back-lines. There are typically a bigger number of objectives with Hockey5s than with the more conventional 11-a-side configuration of hockey. Since players can score from anyplace after the going after line. Besides, Hockey5s is played on a more modest pitch, which empowers to carry hockey to new scenes. Even at the core of the urban communities.

Hockey5s World Cup: Few holes in the midfield

“I need to concede that there are a few holes in the midfield that are expected to be filled. We give an excessive amount of room to the resistance to move in the middle. That hole we need to connect request to confine Germany from rehashed assaults.”

Shahnaz added that you never know in present day hockey what might be coming up.

As of my last update in January 2022, there was no specific Hockey5s World Cup. Hockey5s is a fast-paced variation of field hockey played with five players on each team. It offers a more dynamic and compact version of the traditional game. To stay informed about any developments, including the introduction of a Hockey5s World Cup, I suggest checking official sources like the International Hockey Federation (FIH) website and reputable sports news outlets for the latest updates. Changes or new events may have occurred since my last update in January 2022.

“You can’t discount Pakistan out and out. The event that we prevail with regards to playing our best hockey ideally. We would be in a situation to make a match out of it. Our group is in mood now and I’m confident that things could turn out well for us gave. We play the best game for which we are prepared to do.

Hockey5s World Cup: Draw against Malaysia

Pakistan played 3-3 draw against Malaysia recently to procure critical point that was sufficient to take Pakistan to the semis. And a bit nearer to meeting all requirements for the Paris Olympics. A far-fetched triumph against Germany today (Saturday) would place Pakistan in. Pak is best ream of hockey. Pakistan will qualify for world cup

Pakistan is the best team of hockey. And that will be to win the third position play-off and meet all requirements for the umber occasion.

From Pool matches, Pakistan completed second in Pool A, behind Extraordinary England (nine focuses). Pakistan have four focuses, China three and Malaysia got done with only one point. New Zealand will qualify for world cup.

It was a vivacious beginning from India as they began pushing somewhere down in Pakistan’s half immediately. However, Pakistan caught the ball and began compromising from the left flank. Indian goalkeeper Suraj Karkera moved forward to make significant recoveries, however Pakistan broke the opposition with Abdul Rehman (5′) getting the initial objective of the match.

Pakistan couldn’t keep the Indian assailants calm for a really long time, and Jugraj Singh (7′) gave the genuinely necessary balancer to India. After three minutes, India accepted lead in the match as Maninder Singh (10′) scored with an opposite hit from a good ways. Pakistan Commander Abdul Rana (13′), and Zikriya Hayat (14′) scored two consecutive late objectives and the coordinate went into halftime with Pakistan driving 3-2.

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